The jewelry shop “frank and easy” opened its door in July 2006 at the oldest shopping street
“Ichiban Shotengai” in Shimokitazawa.It has an atelier inside and all the jewelry is handcrafted by two designer and shop owner using a wide variety of materials.
The shop’s name, which is also the brand name “frank and easy”, was decided by them based on their idea
that the concept of frankness and comfort has to be reflected by their products and shop.
They are old friends: one of them used to work for an apparel company and the other worked as a restorer of antique furniture.
With two different backgrounds and experiences, their special feeling and respect for each other’s sense of beauty, makes their products special and unique.
Four years later, in January 2010, with the purpose of introducing their products to more customer, they opened a second shop at Daikanyama, already home to worldwide renowned designers, starting the manufacture of leather products.